Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I did

To fix the back porch {issue} I spent an entire Saturday cleaning.
You know when you start to clean just the back porch you end
up cleaning more and more here is why:
I went to put up the baby doll and realized that
the baby stuff needed some more organization
(no wonder babies live on the piano keys).
Then I went to put the fork up and realized
Oh my!
This dish drainer looks appalling!
So, I replaced the ugly, terrible dish drainer with a

 Each person
now has a basket for their shoes.
I put a shelf on the backporch that used to be in my room, the labels are
made out of masking tape marked with a sharpie marker {fancy}.
Does anyone remember the label maker post?  ha!  That thing broke two years ago.
Masking tape and a sharpie worked in a pinch. ;).
Check out the piano! You can actually check it out.
The tchiatchkies on top are soon to be moved to a shelf.
On this same Sat. AM I also cleaned the carpet, washed the curtains and all of the
windows on the back porch...
Martha would be proud, except for the demerits I would get for the masking tape labels,
or not at least having cut the masking tape with fancy edged scissors. :)


Bethany said...

You did it! Don't you feel like you {accomplished} something? :) I know those rabbit trail cleaning projects... ugh. They suck me in every time... Yay for WWMD 1.

Anonymous said...


PS Seeya tomorrow-yay!!!