Saturday, June 4, 2011


Since my row with the poison ivy, in which the poison ivy kicked my a$$...
I have discovered many new soaps.
My mother's neighbor saw it--the terrible rash-- and said that what I would definitely need to stock in my cabinet was this:
Oh! the picture wanted to put itself up there...well at least it's here :).  She said that after contact with the poison ivy if one uses this soap to wash, the poison ivy will not get you--

Then after a round of steroids and some anti-itch/anti{crazy} medicine--which ran out--I am still itching LIKE CRAZY.  I mean my skin is just not right.
So at the Ha^^is T$$ter at the beach I bought some of this:

I am usually such a skeptic of any claims of special uses.
This is really dumb of me...
I mean why would anyone have ever come up with different soaps, if they really did not
serve different purposes???
That is one of my {fatal flaws} --the skeptic in me (I guess)
Oh, I also had to buy some av$$no lotion for babies with excema.
After all of this, I now have protection from the toxin in poison ivy --the Octagon Soap above.
AND some relief from my itching..the lotion and soap.

Now on to the other kind of soap I had to buy.
In the drug  store i bought myself my yearly bottle of sun block for faces.
You know...says it won't give you zits.
Well, the brand I picked this year...
EEEK people..I look like a twelve year old with crazy hormones a flowin...
It is awful.  I think I might even take it back...has anyone ever done this?
So in the grocery store the other night I bought this:
I bet I tricked all of y'all!
I bet you thought I was wriled up this Saturday morning...
hee hee...
I am not. ;).

Okay, I am off to wash now...
I sure have enough soap!

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Bethany said...

HA! What a soap box this was! Rick gets The Ivy too, and washing right away with soap does work, when you think you have even been near it. YES - take back the face cream! I have done that. I am totally over paying for a product, only to be disappointed. Happy washing chica... ;)