Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer series

Remember about three years ago when I did the favorite trailer parks series...
Well, this summer's series is going to be WWMD?
What would Martha Do?
I might balance it some with Martha would love this...b/c sometimes I have stuff that
I manage to keep nice..and that would really make the Martha types out there feel happy..
I picked this b/c whenever I do these posts, I crack myself up,and we all need to laugh, right?
A house that is small(ish) with three children and Andy and me...Well, you
just really need to see the humor in it...
So, I have taken pictures today, and I already have so much material for the posts.
When I am at the beach, I will take some there for a post.
I think Wed. will be the day for the posts.
I neglect Wed. a lot.  It is not my favorite, nor is it my least favorite day...
so we will go with it...
Stay tuned..


Bethany said...

:) yes, this will be fun. I almost posted a baking post this week, just to make you all laugh. I am so horrible at it! But the cookies turned out great. Thought about calling it martha gone wrong... oh well, intentions, right??

Morgan said...

Love it! I have been neglecting my poor blog, just haven't had a free moment to sit down and write and I have a few good blog thoughts in my head! Miss u and cannot wait for our weekend together!!!