Saturday, July 9, 2011


Okay.  That is a picture from Cr2te and B2rrel of a kitchen island that they sell, and that I want.
The other night I was dreaming up how we are going to move furniture around when we take the bunk
beds apart and put away Eva's crib (which she is ready to do btw)--whole nother post... :(
Anyway, so I was brainstorming and brainstorming...and wondering what are we going to do with the
changing table that my dad made for me--custom made so that the changing surface would be
right at my hip it stores toys...what IN THE WORLD COULD WE DO WITH THAT?
Has anyone guessed???
It is going to be TA DA!
My kitchen island.
I am thinking no wheels.
I am thinking definitely a leaf--so that it can accommodate barstools...
It is already stained biggie, mixing wood is good.
It has no we will just use the shelves--also no biggie. I am going to put towels and
kiddie dishes on it when it is in the kitchen.
This also means...good bye kiddie table {eventually}--I have to wait on this project.
The reason for waiting..I have to think of what I want the surface to be...
Our kitchen has old formica..and I LOVE FORMICA..No worries about messing it up etc.
My old kitchen had tile...and I am thinking--I would love a tiled top--with cobalt blue tiles..
and some pretty decorative ones in the corners....That is what I am thinking..
We will see what happens, and whenever it happens, I will let you all see it. :)
Maybe fall or so.


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

OMG I LOVE YOUR IDEA!!!!!!!!! And I love blue cobalt tile for you, that will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

That is a great idea! And ties in w/ your post of Reuse - :) We replaced our countertops with new formica, it is so easy. It's a granite lookalike pattern, so it's updated but so practical and affordable. But you will surely find some beautiful tiles at a good price for that size project. Cool!