Friday, July 8, 2011

Remember when...

Summer days full of no money, down time, cleaning, hanging out at the house, making fun....remind me of
when I was little and staying at home with my sister all summer.
It was a mix of wonderful and utter dullness--
We were basically always up to something...
Cooking deluxe candy treats--for real, on the stove...
Dance parties in the living room...
We had fun.
We also fought..yikes!
We also {probably} watched too much t.v.
We also snuck and smoked cigs...Yikes again...
But we had free know what bored really meant and how to solve it.
You know, I would love for MTV to be MTV again.
Remember when they actually played videos all day long?
Remember when the videos told a story...
Just in case you do not {yeah right}
Go to you tube and watch the video for
"Who's that girl" by Madonna...
What a hoot!
AND how fun!
So now I have to re-visit the Chapel Hill weekend b/c Melissa and Morgan and
I talked about Madonna--and how Lady Gaga has basically shamelessly tried to be
Madonna again...I mean {shamelessly}...
anyway Madonna is way better, hands down, and when Lady Gaga showed up
on a t.v. screen in Linda's all three of us agreed on that point.
Later we also agreed that
Player's has been ruined!! That was THE ONLY DANCE CLUB IN CHAPEL HILL.
when I was there at school.  You heard it a college town with one place to dance...
how strange no?  I always thought it was...but you know, there people tend to go to
{greek} is truly {scandalous} to get drunk and want to dance... ha!
okay, back to the point...
Player's...we went there and we were, without a doubt, like little old ladies...
Melissa figured this out quickly and left us to sit on couch...
Morgan and I engaged in drinking a holy grail and dancing..until!!
{gasp} --and almost throw up--we witnessed the ultimate party foul!!
People --two young persons--doing {it} on the dance floor....eeeekkk!!
then the other young people were crowding around to {watch}..
That was the point at which we had to cut our losses and
Later some other young, college kids told us, that if only we would have gone to he's not first...
we would have known--that no one in his/her right mind goes to player's anymore!
Got it. ;).

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Bethany said...

Wot?!? Crazy!!! I am with you on the drinking and dancing. It is a natural progression... or it should be!
Ha... little old ladies... I found myslef thinking the other day - that is a girl, and I am a woman. :) Cheers!