Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I guess this was taken in 1948 or 49!!
No, it's not me, but that baby--my mama!
Isn't that wild?
That's her mama and her daddy and all of my aunts and uncle.
They were not at Nags Head either, I don't think.
I think they were in Norfolk or somewhere in Va....
Now, when I was little I thought that stuff that was old timey was just in black and white.  I
thought that color was invented in 1972.  When my mama and Daddy and aunts and uncles would tell me stories about
being a little girl, I pictured them in my head in black and white.
and now a video...
This is a song that Andy and I can agree on. :)

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Anonymous said...

Me too! I used to think the world was black and white when my Papaw was growing up. He thought that was funny. It didn't help that the Wizard of Oz was black and white--then color. That just made me believe my theory!