Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WWMD? #3

You are looking at pictures of my yard!!
The top picture is of blackberry bushes.  
Blackberries that are growing there as weeds basically b/c ummm,
well, blackberries grow wild, and wildly, and we let them. :)
No, Martha, I do not make jam, or jelly, or any kinds of fruity pies with these...
I do allow my children to fight the briers and eat all they want, and it does amaze me that children
who, at times, will eat nothing else, will fight a brier patch to get to a teensy, bitter, seed-filled
blackberry, as if it were a delicacy.
They do it, and my children pick the blackberries by the 
My magic rubs make the pain from briers go away... :)
Now, the bottom pictures shows the handy work from my gardener.
Oh! Martha, you did not know I had a gardener??
yep, his name is Andy and he is a hottie
{if I do say so myself}.
Well, sometimes Andy falls a bit back on the job and
instead of trimming the bushes 
he just leaves it there...
You know, compost and all...
What would Martha do to Andy....???
I don't even want to imagine...
What would she do with all of these blackberries...???
She would probably sell it all!!
Blackberries and bush debris, for a price. :)

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Its dangerous to have hottie gardeners!! How green, to compost {rot} your trimmings right there?! And, apparently I need to put my kids meals inside a blackberry skin, and on a brier bush, if that's what it will take to make them eat. You're onto something. :)