Monday, July 4, 2011

Mango, Zara, and Magnum...

It's a threepeat!
Has anyone else noticed that these brands are seen everywhere lately?
They came over with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, from Spain.
Actually, I bet that Magnum was just a European thing...not necessarily Spanish.
BUT--I will say that Mango and Zara, they are Spanish, and now they (actually only
one of them is) are sold
in an {exclusive boutique} in JC Penney!! Man!
What a hoot!
When I lived in Spain --14 years ago, I was in college with no money, but a plenty of
want to buy clothes.
I would shop in those stores.  I always thought of them as the Spanish Gap and Limited.
I bet, however, that when they crossed the pond they had to make all new dress patterns etc.
You see, people in Spain, when I was there, were almost all tiny.
Esp. the women, and for the most part, the men.
I am about 5, 7 and a half--and then I weighed about 140lbs.
No kidding.
So when I went into those shops, they did not have my size a lot of the time.
I also noticed, when I was there, that the clothes--the tela (the fabric) was cheaper, as were the buttons
and zippers and everything else about the clothes there.  So, once, I actually ripped the a$$ out of some pants that I bought from one of those stores--it was NOT b/c my butt was big either! :) ha!

Okay on to Magnum.
This popsicle/ice cream treat has begun to be marketed here, and sold in the Food Lion.
Well, these were sold at every corner of every park in Sevilla, all varieties of irresistible chocolate/ice
cream delight. YUMMY!!  75 pesetas up to 125 pesetas--which is like 60 cents to a dollar--that was what it was like then...Who knows now, they do no even have pesetas anymore...
Anyway...beware the will make you fat. :)
The Spanish girls would buy one and they would share it five ways and giggle over every bite...
ummmm ever shared a popsicle???
I ate two a day sometimes..they are very good!! :)

Okay, that is my July 4th {Band camp} story... :)

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Bethany said...

Nope, never shared a popsicle. :) I will look for those! And the JCP {boutique}...