Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mami, I pee da floor. :)...and other kiddie contrasts

Okay so this summer the focus in my head, from the literary essay contrasts.
It is amazing to me what a paradox childhood can be.
I mean the two year old is SOOOO DAGGONE CUTE!!  She stands there, naked, with
her shoes on--her Sunday shoes..all of her hair a mess (and there is a lot of it)...grinning..
Amazingly cute, even if she is refusing to put on clothes. " I a ready to go Mommy.."
Just {try} to put clothes on her...go ahead...
I catch her struggling to climb onto the potty and she says to me, "Mommy, I pee da floor.  Yes Mommy
in da libin room, Mommy GO CLEAN IT UP!!" -- The pee pee mancha was actually in her bedroom
right by her closet..boy what a hunt! :)
In the little boy world.. just takes my breath away..
His favorite movie, --Hero Factory, full of robots --fighting...sound effects..boy stuff..
He watches it while sucking his thumb and quietly snuggling my my, his beloved stuffed
The oldest, conquering her fear of contests...swimming fine/beautiful...but in a {race}'re gonna have to {make} me...and then I beam with Pride--even with a fifth place ribbon...

The contrasts of parenting are astounding and bewildering...

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Bethany said...

:) They are each a little world unto themselves.