Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oprah said it...

Now why doesn't everyone just listen to her????!!!

We all know it is terrible to try to talk on the phone and drive your car.
We all know this.
Why do I constantly see people driving all around town talking on the
damn phone?
It makes no sense.
Must you, absolutely, talk on the phone..I mean is it worth dying over, really?
So dumb.
Now, I remember when I first had a phone.
It was sort of an image look {important}to drive around and
talk on the phone--in my little 86 Honda Accord that freaking hopped
{boy was I fooling myself} :)
That was 12 years ago...
We all know that you should ignore the phone (including texting)
while you are operating a vehicle...
Get the message people, --or I'm calling Oprah!
B/C really, you don't look all
Bold and Beautiful when you talk on the phone and drive...
you look more Dumb and Dumber
and I am not interested in having your big ass
Suburban careen across the lane to kill me and my children...
How cute will we all look then?

**I also happen to feel this way about talking on the phone
out in public period...
I do not have a cell phone so I consider my view sort of an alien one...but
..In the line at the Dr.'s office--as you tell them your medicaid number while fishing through your food stamp vouchers in your purse {really}...when you are eating out with LIVE COMPANY..
at the the the pool while your beloved offspring {swims}???


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I agree with you...and I do have a cell but I still agree that it is rude to be talking on the phone, texting, web surfing all the time, especially when you are in the presence of others! And I of course agree with you on the whole keeping other kids thing too!

Anonymous said...

I get soo annoyed when people think they are soo cool answering their cell phone in the middle of a grocery store. How stupid! We had a church committee mtg and one of the older people answered her phone during the mtg! I was like duh turn your phone off!
I use hands free through my car (high tech) which is awesome. Pete used to get very mad at me for talking and driving so I think he would have loved that.

Susan said...

Morgan, and Melissa,
I was pleasantly surprised, when we were on our girls' weekend how little you both stayed on the phone.
Some people around here are still, i guess, really intrigued with being able to talk on the phone whenever, and wherever, so they do. :)
I am sort of getting used to these people...ughh..