Monday, July 18, 2011

Re: Cute Stuff at the Hallmark shop

okay, this is mainly addressed to Melissa, but I am sure there are others out there who enjoy the irresistibly cute stuff at Hallmark...
There is the best Peanuts Nativity set in there..whoa--but it is pricey..
And--something that my Mama bought for us--a cute figurine of Linus waiting for his
blanket to come out of the wash..underneath it says, "some things in life are worth waiting for"
awww...That is just like V-man when he goes to my Mama's and has to wait for My my to get washed.
Grandma washes My my--and she also throws birthday parties for him... :)
There were many other things too..oh! and there is a series of Christmas tree
ornaments that are cupcakes..this is the second year, apparently--Melissa--so you have those?
Do you have the first one?
Oh, and there was a desk Calendar that you tear the pages off weekly and put your stuff
on the pages one week at the time...
I really love that store, and when I go in there I have to really remind myself that

Okay we are off now, to go to get E her allergy shots.

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Anonymous said...

Ill be doing a blog on my hallmark trip soon! I got the cupcake form last year, it was 60% off!! They also had some purply non Hallmark brand ones, I got one of those.
I'll have to see that nativity set. I do have a Peanuts one that I bought about 10 years ago that fits inside the wooden nativity my Papaw made, and actually a second one that is more like a figurine/windup music (smaller) and is them in their Pageant outfits. I Love the Peanuts!! And Hallmark Christmas Preview!