Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two years ago...

I looked like this...
There is actually a better (more pitiful) picture of how I looked in the Walgreens account, however, wal...will
not let me take my pictures back once I have put them there. {Thanks}.
I was actually, at this point, in much distress, and very tired of being pregnant. :)
In a mere three days I would have my little Eva Lou!
Here is the song that we sing together every night, and that she can sing by herself now:
Mommy loves you
mommy loves you
eva lou
eva lou
you are such a blessing
you are such a blessing

Sung to the tune of, "Fr ere Jacques"

At this point, I had had some kind of NB and Someone had my other two children at their house...
Andy's mama?
The instructions were to "keep them away, until this baby comes ouuuutttt!!!"
It was not pretty around here.. :)


Bethany said...

My word that was a pregnant belly! Ugh. Your little song is so sweet... kisses to your little darling.

Voiceless_Bumblebee said...

What a lovely little song, made me smile.