Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's that day again!
I cannot believe how fast the time is going by this Summer.  I am going to present this dilemna to Martha
How does one have a picnic table outside that does not look, well, disgusting?
I see the pretty table cloth...???
The one, and then the other going the other direction...see?  And the little clips to hold it all down??
And then, do you see...hmmm a tool kit, a kid's shaving kit, Windex, spilled colored bubbles, which look
really gross, when spilled...There is something under the table a broom?  and then the bucket on the is for washing the car...
What do you suggest dear Martha?
I will say, I have given up, completely...I give up.
When we are going to have company, then I will clean it.
If you come to my house un-announced..this table will greet you!  Cheerio!

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Bethany said...

Cheerio! To a bloody messy table, mate! I have to agree. there are some areas that only get tended to when company is coming. Otherwise... it is fighting against the tide. Sorry Martha.