Friday, July 29, 2011

What Ms. M{artha} would like...

These are pictures of
my Zinnias!! I get about seven or eight off every day or so!  It is amazing.  Zinnias are one of my simple pleasures in life, and if I live to be an old lady, you will probably find me in my side yard with my warbly old fingers barely gripping the water hose to water them, using some kind of stool to get those pesky weeds, and cutting some blooms to put in my house.  Ojala!! :)
Andy is also impressed, as he has announced that next year we will plant a {longer} patch of Zinnias!
They are so happy there! ;).
The bottom picture is of my eggplant parmessan--it is one of the best things I cook, and here is how you can make some at your house.
Buy an eggplant...from wherever you can find one. :)
Cut it from one end to the other so you end up with big circles--not too thick--oh and peel it first! (if you want to)
Layer the eggplant in a baking dish like this...
bit of olive oil
bit of tomato sauce (most basic ragu)
minced garlic--from the jar is fine
cheese--parmessan--and mozzarella (if the kind with both in the bag is on sale--buy it!!)
i put in some fresh basil too.
layer y layer...just like that
then cover it and bake it at...
wait for it, wait for it...
350! of course! (that is what i bake almost everything i cook from memory at)
bake it a long time--35-40 minutes, until when you stick a knife in the middle it goes
through the center without resistance--then your dish is almost done!
now, take the top off, and bake a bit more--so the cheese you put on top can get melty and crusty..
then take it out of the oven and let it set--while you bake some buttery garlicky bread
to sop up all that sauce with..
yum--go eat this and drink some chianti with it!!
Your body will love you for it. :)
Your husband will too.

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