Friday, July 29, 2011

two things i do like, and two things i don't

Just to be even and all...
1.  Plaquers--I think this is how you spell it, but hey they aren't paying me to say I like who cares.
They look like side ways tuning forks with a teeny piece of floss across the tines..and they are the DEAL AND A HALF!!  Morgan introduced me to these, and we are all using them now.
2.  the show Wipeout...eek, you might say!! What??? but really, my kids watch this show, and it is hilarious.  Andy and i cannot quite figure out the target audience, the announcers/hosts use quirky only understood by adults humor, but the show cannot possible be for is on ABC and you should check it out--with some children, and if there is a little boy involved he will want to act out every wipeout SOOOO FUNNY!! :)
3.  Not like;  people wearing bathing suits that do not go together.  This is for sure a doubt about for example, a girl on the beach might have a floral patterned top which features some white she wears a solid white bottom--ugh!! I just do not get it...or a plaid top and then a solid yellow bottom.  It bugs the hell out of me.  Why?  Why?
4.  I think I forgot the other not!  how positive of me. :)

Good, i have one more post to do. :)

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