Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sensory Deprivation Chambre

Everytime I have PMS I say this...
"I wish I could go into a Sensory Deprivation Chamber"
If I do not say it, I feel like it.
All the people around me have heard this come out of my mouth...
My mother in law, my sister, my mom, andy's sister--Andy (he hears it a lot)
PMS makes all of the senses go into overdrive--at least with me...
It can be maddening.
My mother in law totally gets it.
She says for me to "SEND THEM ALL OVER TO MY HOUSE!!"
She used to have PMS like that too...
Okay, so last night we were watching PBS and this scientist was
talking about a sensory deprivation chamber!!!
They even showed one.
Now that I have seen that show, however, I realize that I would never really want to do that.
It would be creepy..
There was a movie about sensory deprivation chambers, and the title was mentioned on this
episode of NOVA--but I forgot the title, b/c I do not like movies.

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Anonymous said...

I will say the bcontrol pills I am on help my PMS. I used to be a LOT worse--pain, moods, etc. I would write blogs like that but they would be actual emails or notes to exs!! *Cringe*!!