Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WWMD? #6

Under the couch...
Now the fuzzies that you see at the top are just part of the fabric that lines the underside of the sofa.
So, although they look like something that makes you cringe.., they are actually just fuzz.
Those can be cut off with the scissors, and then they come right when you pull out gray hairs..
In the foreground is the rug...See where it's coming apart in one spot...Thank you, Spot!  He will occasionally
go crazy and paw at the rug...He is a dog. :)
Now---look further...look in between the fuzz and the rug...oh yeah! Jackpot!  As a matter of fact
this is where I go to look for lost things.
Bottles, shoes...things that seem to have been lost for too long...Oh! I say to myself --that
thing must be under the sofa!
Other things that have a home there...a pretzel rod--wonder why Spot did not take care of that?
Lots of toy food, a clipboard, scraps of ribbon....
Yesterday, in the shower, my idea was...move out the sofa--this does happen on occasion, and let the children
have a contest.  I will give them each a basket, and let them go to town filling the baskets, and then we will put
all the little bits back where they belong, then we will scrub the floor....this is going to happen in a bit.
I bet Martha just gets her maid to clean under hers....
Sometimes I look under there and I feel a bit furious..but after seven years in the parent game, I am mostly laughing now...and I say things like..."I'm not gonna be the one to open THAT bottle!!"
Yeah...I think anger, in this case, is a total waste of energy, so is frustration--that would be like
getting frustrated b/c the ocean will not stop having waves or something, no?


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Omg! I swear that the next sofa I buy will go all the way to the floor!!!!! Keeping it clean under there is a losing battle!!!!!!

Bethany said...

I love ocean references when referring to children. I use a sand one. :) This is my {non} angry new trick: when Rick is sweeping, and moves the couch, I fake amazement at all the stuff there. :) When I am cleaning? It all stays. See? no more mad at messy munchkins! xo