Tuesday, July 26, 2011

la gente

that means the people.
any time i go anywhere the events I remember most, and most fondly, have to do with the people
i encounter along the way.
on the way to san juan, on the plane, there was a guy who was coming back from Afghanistan he was there
doing civilian work, namely working on the machines there--vehicles.
it was so fun to talk to him.
when the plane was landing he was so excited he almost cried.
he also invited lara and me to go to his house...
his wife had not seen him in four months...we laughed and laughed and said i am sure
your wife would love that--for you to bring company home--after
not having seen you for four months.
back to the story..he talked for three hours.
he told me about all of the people he has encountered all over the world, and about
the job he does etc.
it was very interesting to listen to this person whose life is so different from my own.
then, when we got to the conference we met sandra, and i have already said how
great it was to meet her.  she was so nice, and interesting to talk to and to
listen to.  then meeting her family made the whole trip even better.
on the way home i met a shrink who was cuban, he talked and talked to me.
he commutes each week from miami to pine hurst and spends the week
working in the health clinic at fort brag.
he seemed really wise--older than my dad, and he was quite opinionated.
turns out, we have read many of the same books, we like the same movies,
his daughter was studying in barcelona--right now!! so, he was excited to
hear of my favorite spanish places to go, and why (i always love a new audience for my own
{band camp} stories).  all of that is what i bring back with me--talking to people, and
listening to their stories.  some friends have remarked to me--p.r. is so dirty,
i would not even leave the resort, etc. etc.--
well, i say, there would have been no reason to go if lara and i had not walked up and down
that strip looking at all of the people.
yes, there was lots of litter--but there was also a lot of interesting people to see and wonder about.

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