Monday, July 25, 2011

Report for duty IMMEDIATELY!!

Yep, that's how mommy duty goes...
I got home in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the night--well, good thing I was here...
Eva wanted to visit with me. :)
My body aches, I am tired, ...but they NEED ME!! :)
I love it!!
So for this AM i have been trying to undo it all--get all the dirty clothes clean, organize all the stuff
out of my bag--etc.
I don't like to leave that stuff waiting...esp. since we left and our swimsuits still had beach water in them...we went beach, shower, plane--so I had to get the wet stuff outta there! :)
Here are some pictures y a little cuentito for you, and yes Bethany, that is the hotel, and maybe we could all go there together! :)

A ver...So I took a picture of the sign,so that I will have the information whenever I ever go back.
Of course there were many other hotels all around, but this one was so cute.
They served food and Pinya Coladas...YUM!  Lara and I had our share of Pinya coladas...

We could call this section, "the ride" This is riding through a place called Ocean Park--a neighborhood, and it was pretty.  The fotos where we are eating, that is where our presidente ate when he was in S.Juan recently, and I was eating one of my favorite things...a croqueta! :)  The women who worked at the register in this restaurant has attitude that was a little too sassy for me--needed a little Morgan in my pocket--but the food was Spanish food,and that was completely enjoyable for me!  The little old lady in the restaurant was nice.   On the ride in Ocean Park my sister needed a Xanax--she was wigging out b/c the people driving all around us, and Manny, were driving like crazy people!! I was enjoying my views...Lara was holding on for dear life.  Manny was laughing at her. :)  I cannot tell you all how nice it was to meet Sandra and enjoy the tour that she and Manny gave.
Bueno...on to more fotos, we will call these, "drinks"

The picture in the middle is of a machine that...
wait for it...wait for it...
Yep.  We laughed. :)  Then there is the wine cooler in a pouch.  Lara could not wait to try this..she was thinking a pack like bikers have where the straw goes in the mouth, for continuous sipping.  It was more like B. and James in a capri sun package.  Cute, still. :)  One of the funniest things Lara said while we were there, was her declaration that she wished she had one of those sports bags full of pinya colada to walk around and sip!  I laughed and laughed at the thought. :)

These are pictures of a very old fort and other Old San Juan stuff.
A cute little bar we went to
The place where Pinya Coladas were born
A cat chair my sister liked... The little bar was the highlight of that cute!! and not overpriced...
Just yummy!
There are many pictures of the fort, while we were there Manny insisted on mucho foto taking.
He was very excited, and when it started to pour down raining he exclaimed, "Imagine spanish soldiers doing this same thing 600 years ago!" His excitement was so endearing. :)  Sandra is in this group of pictures too, she is a fellow SLP--who is so lucky to have a house in Ceiba (a PRican town) that she spends her whole summer in. :)
She was great!  Instant friend chemistry. :)  A conference buddy--which is always nice to have btw.
And finally, after all my classes were over, I got to go to the beach yesterday...
Adios Puerto Rico!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Yummy on the pina colada!

Bethany said...

Yay! Cool! The rainstorms are a trip, right? We got POURED on several times. And commiserated w/ ancient soldiers. :) Good pics!!