Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday I got mad.
I am going to vent on {my blog}.
It's soap box time.

The state employees have insurance (it's a {benefit}.
I will say that at one point I had to buy my own insurance, and I found much better plans/
deals available when I shopped for myself.
So, really, this {benefit} means not having to shop for oneself--to me.
It means, right now, having all of my costs re: healthcare dictated to me by what
I see as a big ole monopoly in the NC State system.
Let's think about this {critically}, does this behemoth have
any competition EVER?
Was it ever even considered that if we got a raw deal
that our {people} might look after us, and get us a better deal...???
I am thinking probably {not}.

Well, this past spring we all had to re-enroll.  Pick the plan you wanted.
If you are fat or if you smoke you had to pay more--you could
only get 70/30 insurance.
If you promised you were gonna quit (backed up by a doctor) or
if you promised you were trying not to be fat anymore--also
signed by doc.--you could do 80/20.
So I was on the ball.  I signed up for 80/20 decided that my
few (c's) from time to time were gonna get ditched etc.

Well, about June they decided that they no longer care if you smoke, or
if you are fat--but if you had 80/20 you were gonna have to just pay for that
option out of pocket.
The difference in cost for me is 87 dollars a month.
Well, I do not want to pay for the difference, to be honest, we
never even go to the damn doctor.  I would not benefit from even having the 80/20.
So somewhere, in the back of my summer brain, I needed to remember, that
NOT RIGHT NOW, sino, from July 15-29th--I was gonna have to switch it.
I needed to remember this.
Well, guess what......
I DID NOT.  Between pool, puerto rico, beach, river, visits....
I forgot.
The lady at school said, I sent out many emails....guess what..
I do not check my email in the Summer.  I do not get paid in the Summer.
I am not at work!!
So now, that is 87.00 times 12 that is getting taken from me.
I am so pissed.
Before I bothered the school lady--it is not her fault, so I figured I would try to solve my own problem, I
called blue cross blue shield.--they said the school lady had to handle this for me.
Then she called them to inquire, and they said, they had no record of me calling....
{I must have called the wrong number}--I called the one that was listed on the damn
website btw.
I will be calling BCBS several more times today.
The squeaky wheel gets the juice, I say...and today I am going to squeek.
So, the school lady said to me, well you did know about this before school was out,
Yes.  I did.  But we did not have the option to go ahead and switch it right then, while
we were all still at our desks.
This makes me mad as hell!!!!


Bethany said...

Squeak away at them, squeaky wheel. That is annoying, and really - the change date should be during school! That's a lot of money that could be put to better use...

Jenn@TheCakeDish said...

Such a PITA!!! And school lady should be the one to fix it. I work on this stuff and our administrators have the power so SQUEAK, baby, SQUEAK!!!