Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On any given day...

around my house, in this Summer time, you could come in and find
three little children running around, one after another, PLAYING just as
hard as they can go.
It is so funny to hear/watch--I do not participate much, as I might
ruin the play scenario which is entertaining them so well (whatever it might be).
It so reminds me of the little rascals.
They are little rascals...running through the house on a mission.
Are they taking care of all the animals, entertaining their hermit crabs
in the little people house etc, playing store with their new wallets, playing school,
making couch cushion pirate ships...what are they up to?
Whatever it is, I have really been enjoying listening to them, tear through
the do what kiddies do best! :)
At night I clean up after it, and last night I thought to myself --they have actually
had the chance this summer to play with their toys!  Their toys are strewn everywhere
shopping carts, baby doll clothes, trucks, cars, tools....and it is organized chaos
that comes from playing....
So, long Summer...I am going to miss you.
This is probably going to entertain you all (or not) for a while.  I am in a state of semi mourning called
{the end of summer break is in sight}
It includes--crankiness, crying, dread, nervousness, rushing around (gotta buy a whole lotta stuff--I guess).
It also includes, a little bit of excitement about going back to work to see my work buddies, to
set up a new therapy schedule, to work with my students again, to have a routine (mixed feelings)...
I might have to post about this several times.


Bethany said...

I love it too. Mine are all playing puppies and houses now, nicely together. Ahhh... Go ahead and post all your mourning, it is hard to say goodbye to summer! I am torn - when they all bicker, it is time for school. But... early mornings, all those lunches to pack, HW hell...

Jenn@TheCakeDish said...

My kids just finished week 2 of the new school year so I don't think I associate start of school with end of summer anymore, odd...
But I do miss the little, tiny, bit of time they had this summer to be kids like this with no plans or agendas and just each other to be with. My kids love to pretend they are in a band and have practice or school or that they are skateboarding pros (even though neither one can skateboard). Fun!