Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WWMD? # 7

just as soon as I take the pictures, after I have charged the camera! :)
I have the idea...but it does need a picture...
Stay tuned and come back, right {here}!
It will be here. :)

this is the countertop that is to the right of my stove.
It is a working space...see the knives, and the canisters for stuff??
See all that?  See all the other stuff too?
I think Martha would probably tell me to put that stuff where it belongs...
the pantry--but we already went there, no?
This is the spillover area..see the lucy charms?  the fruit candy, the empty carton 
of silk? (belongs in recycle, which is full btw)....see...Martha
would have those same people who fill up all the little glass bowls with pre-measured stuff, those
people would be cleaning this working space up.
I don't have {those people}
therefore, I have a ever crowded working space.
Check out my good wine find!! It's called
Elena Mendoza--
When something is called Elena I basically try it/buy it,
what a sucker, no?
Mendoza is the last name of the family of a friend of mine. :)
Hey Mendozas! {sandra} 
Okay people--I am off to drink some vino tinto del verano y chill out. :)

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