Monday, August 22, 2011

Who cares? {do I?}

So I just finished reading this book.
It's been around a while, but all of a sudden I had ganas to read it.
It is called French Women Don't Get Fat.
I remember hearing about this book when it first came out.
The author was on all the morning shows trying to {sum it up}.
It is sort of a must read, if you care about what she has to say.
I am thinking that I do care, I am just not sure how I can
make it work for me.
I am piggy.
I am a mouth stuffer--a Snicker's bar equals two bites for me.
I want my whole sandwich, thank you. ;).
ummm...let's see..if I am stressed at the end of the day, and
I pass through the front office to sign out, and there is good cake there..
I will stand up and scarf down a piece--the one I cut for myself, which
is not a sliver, thanks very much. ;).
Then I will eat it with my hands, in front of people...yep!
Now, I will not eat just any cake this way {very French}, only
good, homemade, Ms. Twilla cake....that's all --
She has beautiful recommendations, which basically add up
to looking after your self.
Forget that you are a tired, bedraggled, overworked mama...
forget it!! Or rather, embrace it, and decide that you deserve
to be very mindful and treat yourself well....
drink water.
don't eat {or scarf EVER standing up}
instead of eating {or scarfing}, just breathe deeply
get moderate excercise
move it sista!! (which i do )
I am going to put her web page in my sidebar.
I am going to chronicle this aspect of my life a
a story like way, b/c I am interested in this...
btw Here is the plate of pancakes I ate the other Sunday.
Did I eat just one peach pancake?
You be the judge....
Now, the author would agree
with my choice of fresh peaches...but THREE OF THE PANCAKES???
I am guessing she would say, "only if you would like to eat only lettuce for the next three
And she would be right!

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Bethany said...

Well now, I have to check out the link. I had fresh peaches (yes, sugared the way grandma makes 'em!) with dinner, and the I saved the rest to pour over vanilla ice cream. At 9:30pm. Was that French of me? I even poured in the sugar drippings. Your pancakes look delish - is 3 not the optimum number of fresh fruit pancakes? What is this book?! ;-) XO