Thursday, August 25, 2011

When the hurricane is coming....

Well, let's see...
When the hurricane {is coming} people do certain things around here that would look odd to the
Everyone takes their boats out of the water and puts them on the highest spots of land.
So you will be driving around and the slightest little mole hill will have 10 boats on trailers all
lined up.
Along river rd which runs parallel to the river, all of the people put their boats and cars on the little
hills beside the road--ditch banks, sort of.
We have a plan.
Andy will have to be at the hosp. and he might get trapped there...he has to work Sat.
Knowing this, I have decided to go over to my parent's house with the children
and while I am at my Mama and Daddy's house, my in-laws might be here.
They live on the river...
So if they all come over here--6 of them....I will leave??
Does that sound bad?
nah...just sensible.

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