Friday, August 26, 2011

so now...

Now we have decided that we will go to my mom's.
She said that we should not come until bedtime--that was a hint that
she does not want us there until bedtime.
Fine with me--I totally get it. :)
It is just raining a lot right now anyway...but
Andy will have to go to the hospital tonight for his tom.
They have to spend the night before at the hospital.
Makes sense.
I have more to post about, but right now, I am side-tracked.
Melissa--I am reading Reva's book--makes me miss GLight so bad!
will post about it later. :)
Thanks for the rec.

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Anonymous said...

im so glad you are reading it!! cant wait to talk about it. I am reading Hope in a jar now--that's the name of the book just like we bought on our trip!! It's cute so far