Tuesday, August 30, 2011

huirse (ooh ear say)

Escape--from Irene--that is what we did.
Andy was at the hospital working, and we were
safely tucked away at my Mama and Daddy's house.
We started to hear the hurricane on Friday during the night.
By Saturday morning first thing, Elena had already learned
the pattern of strong wind (squall) and then calm...she told me,
"Mama, I have been listening to it all night!"
The lights went out at 6:30 AM--but thanks to my mom
we had coffee from an insulated canteen that she made just
in the nick of time.
Children played all day in the dark with their flashlights...
It was, by the way, a {very long day}!! It really
went by slowly.... very, very slowly....
Saturday evening the storm raged on--it really lasted
a long time!! My Daddy hooked up the generator...which
would run the freezer, the stove, and The Lion King on T.V.!
So the kids watched a movie before we drifted off--
nah...we actually just wallered around in the hot night air
and tried to sleep with a battery powered fan.
I did rest.
Sunday morning, we came home again, to clean the yard.
So, there are pictures of the huge trees down.
One across the road and on in the neighbors yard.
Eerily enough, none of ours fell, and neither did the swingset, and
neither did the TV antenna on top of the house....
ugh...that was strange, but fortunate!
I spent the duration of the storm at my mom's worried that
the two big pine trees in front of my house, would be laying in the roof (my
house would be a total loss if this were to happen)
Alas! They stood strong (thank you trees)
The pictures of the children playing in the water are of Andy's Mama's
house.  There was sort of a lake from the rainwater on the street side of the house.
On the other side is the river (which had seven foot waves in it)

Now, we are waiting for school to start back.
Two schools in our county--I have heard--had the roof blown off.
One was flooded really bad.
Who knows when we will go back!!
So all of the kids who went to school last week for a couple of days...
probably will have forgotten all that before they get a chance to go back again.
No biggie...as I told my children each time they bemoaned not having TV--
at least we are not under tents with flies in our eyes...
All is well here in the L Dubs :)

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Bethany said...

Whew!! Thank you trees is right! That one that fell was huge... wow. Good thing your pines held strong. I was thinking about you guys all day, watching the storm move slow as molasses... Glad all is well.