Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not to be forgotten!

So, this was our first day back to school together!  Our classic picture by the door spot has all
brown, I am thinking of a better spot to pick, but that is our back door...
Elena has her two front teeth out, she can untangle her own hair, and put on all her own clothes,
she can make a big part of her own breakfast.
I make her lunch. :)
She picked out her backpack and her lunch box, which has a matching water thermos. :)
We are very excited about first grade.  She has several friends and a cousin in her class, and my favorite first grade teacher is her teacher!
This year my goal is not to eat lunch with her every day--I did last year...yep!
So we had one and one half days of school, and then we are not gonna go again for a while.
No biggie, we will hit the ground running whenever we are able. :)

Oh, Bethany, we got power again yesterday (Monday) at 2:45, and the phone was not working again
until last night --{see the tree in the road}

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Bethany said...

Yay, E! Very cute lunchbox... Tell her Isabella lost her other front tooth at school yesterday! Mom said Tideland told them their power will be out all week - dozens of trees on the lines on Asbury Ch. Rd. But her shop has power, so she moved food to fridge there, and is camping out. She's against A/C anyway - though how she can sleep, I do not know.... Glad to hear from you! XO!