Thursday, September 15, 2011

3000 points!

That's all you need at our house to get a trampoline!!
Sometimes ideas hit me over the head like a ray of freakin sunshine!!
So, here's the deal,
Tonight I asked:
"Whose socks are these?  On the rug, by the dining room table?, Elena! come and pick them up!"
Then I realized, no, they are V-man's socks...
So, Elena jumps up and runs to put them in the dirty clothes basket.
V-man, well, he barely batted an eye, continued to suck his thumb, and rolled
his eyes at me...
So then I said, "OHHHHH, Elena gets 10 pts. for that! She just jumped right up to help! and do the
right thing!!"
V-man instantly started to cry like crazy..anything with points, and him not getting the points...
well, it basically drives him crazy.
So, then it hit all of my tiredness...
That's it!
A trampoline chart!!
There you go.
So for 3000 points they get a trampoline.
That is 1000 points apiece.
Or in any combination.
So, when they do good stuff--yet to be determined--they will
get 10 points.
The {stuff} so far is:
pick up your stuff, and put it where it belongs (or Daddy's boots, socks etc.)
Put yourself in the bed and STAY THERE. ;).

Look for a new chart on the fridge...coming soon.
Then, when they get the Trampoline, they will have earned it.
No, Santa's elves don't make those, and Mama and Daddy have to
pay for it.

{Yippie!}  There's nothing like a sense of accomplishment. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Bethany said...

YES! Go for it! I am always up for a new chart, new way to accomplish kid-obedience! Good luck Hill kids. I hope a trampoline is in your future... :)