Saturday, September 17, 2011

A cool job

The past two days I have been playing an "I spy" game with my kids at school.
They have to spy the stuff, and then ding a little bell.
I am not sure how many of my bloggy friends have seen official, "I Spy"
stuff, but it is fun to look for all of the teeny tiny objects mixed in together.
I sort of spaced out for a minute, and it dawned on me...
Someone, some lucky person, has the job of arranging all of that
stuff, and then taking pictures!!
How cool would that job be?? !!
It would be fun to round up all of the little bitty stuff (I sort of love little bitty stuff).
I would like to meet a person who has that job, and you know what,
It cannot be a computer, I don't think, b/c the way all of
the "I spy" pictures are, they are objects--not computer generated
Lucky dog!

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Bethany said...

Yes! I know them well. Cole was obsessed for a while. You're right- that would be a sort of soothing job, arranging small pieces. There are so many cool themes. We have the haunted house, halloween book. Better start looking for it. :)