Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is so political {might get erased} goes, let me get out my soapbox {too}..
The debate over an amendment to the Const. of NC has been raging on f-book.
It is a local debate, with people from my town weighing in.
Very interesting.
I am proud to say that there are people on both sides of this fence.
But really, when any given person is against {something} they
should just not engage in the something.
How simple is that..??
Tis a gift to be simple, no?
If you are against (Ab0rt0!n)--then don't have one.
How easy, no?
If you are against gAy MArrr!age...then don't get gAy Marri#d.
So simple.
Mind your own business..I am sure we all have enough to mind,
without amending government documents...
now, come on!

**in case you are wondering, dear reader, why all the mis-spellings..
I am not interested in long strings of comments with everyone's opinion on them.
So if any of the {hot} words get googled, i am hoping my post does not come up, so
that everyone who h@tes my opinion will find my blog as a hot bed for their

Furthermore, it is outrageous to me that our politicians manage to find the time...with
the sinking economy, and the firing of teachers, and the canceling of Pre-K, to debate this
matter at all...


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Bethany said...

I hear you - have seen it raging too, with nc friends. hey! Good enws is, someone said that same thing, and i meant to tell you. :) It made me laugh, and think about the bymper sticker you once told me about. The commenter responded "hey man, if you're against g@y marr!age, don't get g@y married!" I nodded, and felt proud like you said. On the post I saw, there were more opinions like ours, so that seemed very good for nc.

Susan said...

Bethany, I stole that right from the thread! Loved it. :)