Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mission Completion {almost}

You can see,
This is our new bathroom!!! Yippie!!
See today the plumber came and hooked up the toilet, shower, and spigot at the sink.
This means that the bathroom is, for all intents and purposes --finished!
The knobs are on the cabinet (thank you Andy) this means I can put my stuff in the drawers.
The children are enjoying a bath --V-man was cashed out on the couch.
A couple of cosmetic (paint) issues had to be fixed before we bathe in there.
We still need a 3/4 inch round at the bottom of the wall...(moulding).
Also, the mirror I selected at Low3's was broken around the framed edge..gonna
get a new one.
So, we are almost finished with this wonderful addition to the house.
and I LOVE IT!! It is truly going to be exciting to organize the closets, drawers, and to hang the shower curtain.
Cannot wait! :)


Bethany said...

awesome!!!! That is exciting. have missed hearing from you...

Morgan said...

YAY! It looks awesome!!!!! I have a question for you...when you make those beer margaritas, do you add any water? And do you let the limeade thaw first? Do you serve over ice??? My daddy and me are going to make them this weekend, can't wait! I love and miss you...We need to talk soon, I need to vent about nursing school...sooooo sick of it and ready for it to be over...Please tell me it will all be worth it in the end...Hope ya'll are all doing well and congrats on the bathroom! Can't wait to see the new shower curtain etc.!

Susan said...

did you get my email?