Friday, September 23, 2011

By any other name...

In this month's Marie Claire, the name Elena appears three one issue!!
I am pretty much amazed at this.
Elena is not, by any means, a new name.
I really don't see it much, however, living here.
So when I saw three different articles in the same magazine
with my baby's name in them, I was amazed.

Elena's teacher calls her, Eleena.
I mean the teacher's assistant.
I do not correct her, I am just sure to say it the way
I want it said a whole lot of times in any given exchange.
Surely she will catch on.

If only the Marie Claire could talk.
Read itself aloud.
I would take her this issue, and she could
hear it in three different articles,
saying itself.

:)!  I think people here who have the same name spell it
asi:  Alaina.  Which is fine too.
When I was pregnant, though, I just thought that version
did not look right.
Something about the way it looks, written down, I do not like it.

Okay, I have to go and make some rolls--I mean watch them
in the oven.

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