Saturday, September 24, 2011

{my} Saturday

EEK!! Y'all!!!
This is the kind of Saturday I really do not like.
Andy is at work--see ya at 9:30 tonight!!
We have
1.Soccer at 9:00--be there at 8:30
2.Soccer pictures at 9:30--for the other kid who {does not want to play}
--taken care of...she isn't playing anymore as of 7:30 this AM--called the coach
3.Allow 20 minutes for V-man to go crazy b/c of all the crap he has to wear on his feet.
4.leave for a bridal shower at 10:00--did I get ready?--do I get ready?--have to go to G-ville
5.Get home and go to a b-day party
I mean I just worked all week, and now I get the pleasure of being a circus ring master.
This is where {nana} comes in. ;)...
Nana is cool as a cucumber...oh, just bring them all to my house, or
no biggie, Susan, I will just zip by and pick them up at biggie...
She is not worried about the {rest of the day}--not one bit.
I worried about it all night, and got up at 5:30.
I like free time to be free time.
I want to organize my closets.
But you know, there is also to celebrate my friend's marriage, and
there is also to play sports...right?
Oh and btw..I do know that it is a poor reflection on parents when
their children quit..and I don't even care.
I mean, when there are three children and two full time jobs...
free time should not include tears over not wanting to engage in the {fun}
I mean if you cannot {change your mind} about playing rec. league soccer when you
are freaking six....then when could you ever, no?
--this post is chock full of if you are feeling guilty this morning about stuff too,
just send it my way...
Happy {free} day folks!!

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