Saturday, September 24, 2011


despite all of the anxiety,
it all went off without a hitch!
We went to the shower, {fun}.
I got to see two girls who I have not seen
since we graduated from High School!!
Let's see, and then
I took V-man to the birthday party--which was quick and efficient...
one hour (that's the kind I like)
We broke a pinyata the guero way--which is really damn funny once
you see how other people do it... namely Mexicans--who I {think/assume}
invented this.
All of the kiddies sat on the rug and waited their turn.
every adult in the room watched--hoping like hell that
no one got hit in the head with a foam bat--
And I do not make fun in saying this a bit...
I am a guera--btw.;)

So then I ran by the newest boutique on main st.
For Reals...we have two of them!!
no lie..full of shit you cannot afford.
(I need to blog about my recent trip to Belk btw)
So, any way, V-man and I went to get the girls after our
boutique shopping exp.  --He was playing with his buddy...
taking pics with the DSI
so then...
It was off to Sissy's house to disturb her Saturday afternoon peace.
I was sorry, but as she would be quick to point out, not sorry enough
to not show up, without calling in the pouring rain, and send my kids
around to the back glass door, where I knew Collin would see them
and open the door. ;)
Nice visit...
I do owe her one!
I did promise to not do that again for six months...
It is not nice to have the Sat. afternoon super snuggle football watching peace disturbed.
I know this, but I was desperate!

Okay, so so far--I have survived..
now to get these kiddies in bed..

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