Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello again!
I cannot believe I went a week and did not post!
Well, there was that one...{it was terrible}--the one I deleted.
Here are some nice bullets for you this morning.
Nothing in my mind is very cohesive right now.
It is all there.
It is all fine...just not well planned. :)
**yesterday was the first day ever that all of my children went to school! very cool!  Eva is going to the
two year old pre-school class, even though Elena and Victor did not.  Her personality really lends itself to the school at two my mind, at least--but what do I know?  She came home with a little crown that said, "I survived my first day of school" So funny really, b/c I guess that is what two year olds do.  She just clung to me the day of greeting teachers, which kind of made me second guess my choice to send her (and pay for it!)
*This past weekend Andy and I took the kids to Sonic and to play at Sonic --in g-ville (there is
not a Sonic in Washington), and then we all went bowling!  It was a hoot!  Big Mama won at
bowling too...hmm hmm...Victor was determined to get that ball rolling as hard as he could, so he threw it something like how track people throw the shot put!  CUTE!  Eva in bowling shoes...CUTE!
**We have been adding a bathroom on to the back of our house, and our little gem of a shitter is almost finished! :)  yeah!  That was a crude way to put that, but I could not resist.  We have had one bathroom for three years now, and my Daddy decided to help us remedy this one teensy problem with our otherwise perfect house.
*My mama and I went to see the Help on Monday--same day as bowling--that was a full day!  We loved the movie!  The book was great and they did an excellent job making that movie.  It sure made me cry a lot.
If you have not read this book, read it.  For real.  It is an excellent book.
**Melissa, I love your pretty paint!
*Speaking of paint, I also spent a portion of last weekend painting in the bathroom, and it is still not finished.
So this evening Andy and I will be painting again.
It has been fun to pick stuff out for the bathroom, but it really makes you realize how expensive everything is!
Good lord....So, we have the cheap stuff, and that is fine.

And, I guess that is it!  More later...I have some pictures etc.
Just no time. :)


Bethany said...

Hey woman! I've missed ya! Haha, glad to hear your little gem is almost done! Can't wait to see pics. Worried about it in that storm! :) Glad to hear the movie was a good one - you know how you can't trust those movie people to do a book justice... Cool! OK. I've reached my exclamation point quota. Glad you're back online.

Susan said...

Exclamation mark quota...good! !!!