Friday, September 30, 2011


This is a popular t-shirt, bumper sticker {whatever else} around here..
Girls Raised in the South..
But this post is about food.
I love em...can't get enough of em.
So tonight Andy and I went out and the menu
had Pimento Cheese grits... HELLO!!
That is a girl's dream,
I never met a pimento cheese I did not like..even the ones that are so bad they are without actual cheese!!
I never met a grit I did not like--even the dried out ones at restaurants..
I am sitting here now enjoying leftovers.
I am convinced...
every {smart} culture has their own version of grits...
for sure.
whatever else...
and some corn bread too.
My mama fries it..
Camelia and her family {love it}.
Fried corn bread, I have decided has to be very near and dear
to their hearts as they have corn tortillas every day all day..and it is a
variation on the same theme.
My children love it too, and on Sundays they have their own plate
of mini cornbreads.
Andy's dad likes it...he is not {from here}.
He asked me: "now, does your mother have a mold she makes these from?"
No sir, I said...just a {masa} batter, and a tablespoon...
Good ole corn meal...nothing like it! :)
Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

i heart pimenito cheese too yum

Bethany said...

Just had a bowl of 'em myself! Grits and cheese - how can you go wrong?? YUM. Glad you got a {date} night... Comfort food!