Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old Pictures

i marked the passage of time
today by cleaning out the closet{s}.
Since the addition of the bathroom, I have been able to unstuff the other closets and re-organize
so that things are not so junky. ;).
I was feeling really emotional as I did my cleaning.
I found two pairs of Cars crocs that have housed V-man's feet for many many days...I guess
that was last year, or the year before.
They, along with a 2 pairs of Garanimals pants, were in the WAY BACK of the TOP of my closet.
For some reason certain clothes really hold memories for me.
So, they go into the {memory clothes} know the pajama pants you wore
at the hospital when you first snuggled your babies...
the little pajamas that V-man wore and I can still see him, squeezed into those soft pajamas
like a little sausage--boy was he a snuggly baby! (those are in the tub too...)
I got all that stuff out of the closet down here, and put it into the attic.
Then, I switched out my clothes--which, once I get started, is actually really fun.
I get excited to take out my (other) season clothes, and wear some different stuff.
It is fun to put away the (other--outgoing) season, and kiss it goodbye.
The other thing I did was:
Clean off Andy's dresser.  This should have been a blog post unto itself, however
I have no {before} picture so you would have to imagine a dresser...
FULL to the BRIM with dust and lots of manstuff...screws..compasses,
cards, cards, mail, mail, screws, golf balls, camping gear, kiddie stuff, change...
nurse stuff...
It was really full.
So I organized it all, sorted through it, and put all the manpapers into the file that says
{andy} . ;)
Then I dusted.  It looks really nice now.
I took Elena to show her, and then I showed her the closet with
her Daddy's stuff looking really neat, and she squeeled she was so delighted.
So the pictures up there are two years old, they are from 2009.  It is hard to believe how
time flies.  That really seems like it was no time ago, at all!
It seems like a blink ago in some ways...
A lot of days squished together into one blink...yep!

Have a great week!
I am really craving a trip outside of the BoCo--so be careful bloggy readers,
I might just show up at one of your houses! :)

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Bethany said...

Me, me! Show up here! :) Two yrear have truly flown by. Look at your sweet baby E! I remember V and the Cars crocs & Garanimals you wrote about... And nice of you to make a folder for Andy. When I clean R's dresser it all gets stacked right back on it, or in his drawer. :) Sweet wifey!