Monday, September 26, 2011


V-man is really into the
sticker chart thing.
He has been on a {helping spree} lately.
I love it!  Yesterday morning he cleaned off the whole dining room table, and today
Nana reported that today, while Eva napped, V-man was cleaning everything up,
"boy, he really deserves some stars"
Well, two is all one can earn in one day.
So there.
But it's all good, I am trying to teach them that
they need to clean up...
I mean really.
That is not a joke.
I don't like sloppy, and sloppy makes me ill.
So we all have to do our part, b/c I am not a maid...
okay...this {sweet little post} is turning into a rant.
Love you bloggy readers!! :)

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Bethany said...

HEY! I'm here. Was off-line, had a stupid sore throat and just snuggled with Phoenix, and read for a year. :) Just caught up on you. Love that sticker devotion, V-man! Amen to everything you just said - I used those same words yesterday, with a little holler in there. And a black trash bag, picking up their {stuff} and putting it in there. That got 'em moving! {Meanie non-maid mom}
PS Yay for surviving Sat! Rick does trade shows some weekends, so I know whereof you speak... ickity. OK! Caught up! Off to spend my {free time} volunteering at 1st grade.