Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friend Chemistry

We all know this exists.
Sometimes we meet people and something just clicks.
That, is when we become friends.
Very interesting to me.
It is interesting to watch my children in their friend-making.
I always love to see who they {click} with.
ughh..I just realized this post was sounding clickish!!
That is not what I am meaning to deliver.
I meant --the special thing, friend chemistry.
There honestly is no rhyme or reason to friend chemistry I think.
Here is V-man's buddy, Rei.
Rei's parents are from Singapore, and so is she.
She was at Preschool with V-man, and is on his soccer team.
They are true buddies!
It is so cute to watch them.
You can tell, by watching them play, that they have
friend chemistry.

Rei and her family are moving to Australia.
She has already had her last day at pre-school.
I guess she might be at soccer tonight???
BUT the other day, on a Saturday, her dad put our address into his GPS, and brought
Rei over for an impromptu play date while her parents packed up their stuff and cleaned
their rental house out.
They had a blast!
It is sort of sad to me that she has to move away.
What an adventure! for her family.

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