Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So {exciting}

First graders are fun!
Elena gets school now.
She is having a blast this year.
When they read books, they earn AR {dollars} to put in their wallets and buy stuff
at the AR store on Fridays.
Say what you want....I know many who would have plenty to say..
It is really motivating to her to be able to buy cute stuff at the AR store.
Kudos to her two wonderful teachers for keeping it fun and {real?}--that is how we work, no?

okay so on to part two of this post...
On Monday she came to me and said, "mama, if we lose a tooth at school we get to
get a cute little box to take our tooth home, so we won't lose it."
She was really enamored of this little box....(boy! genes are strong!)
She so reminds me of me...
So, anyway she has a {really loose tooth}.
On Tuesday the note I put in her lunch box was on two paper towels.
It said, "can you get your tooth out? "
So, on Tues. afternoon, she ran into my room, just BEAMING!!
She lost her tooth, and got that LITTLE BOX.
My heart skipped a beat.
I remember little things like that from my childhood, from first
grade, and wanting little things or trinkets, and the excitement I felt when,
from time to time, I got lucky!!
My mama was JUST AS EXCITED!!
I knew she would be.
Here is a picture of that cute little box...


Anonymous said...

so cute adn you know i love the smurf!

Bethany said...

That is so exciting!! 1st graders are definitely fun. :) Isabella had her eye on this treasure box "chuck" (a high-top converse keychain) in class, and finally earned enough coins. Teh chuck was still there, and that child was so excited to hang that shoe on her backpack. Yay, Elena for the tooth box - that is cute! Our school has little tooth-shaped boxes too, the kids love them. Fun! PS the treasure box also has a lot of donated smurfs - so Isabella is collecting them via school. :)