Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drunk and Strangled...a linguistics story

I could not resist the title of this post.
I know it might generate some {unwelcomed} readers who might g00gle these words
as part of some deranged ideas..bueno, ones that I would find deranged.
BUT these are words that have different meanings to some {older} people.
People who are, say, my dad's age.
For example, when a child spins around and me they might get dizzy.
To my dad, well, you need to be careful spinning that way sweet heart, you might
get drunk, and fall down, and hit your head on the cabinet.
When a child takes a big bite, I might warn that they might choke,and they need
to take a smaller bite.
For my dad, they might just get strangled.
I think this is an interesting change in word meanings.
I love to listen to the way people in different generations use words,
and how words change, it is just what they do.
So, as part of my job, I do a mass screening of all of the kindergarten
students at my school.
As part of the screening they have to complete analogies,
"Don't touch the stove, it is very hot, it's as hot as....."
{a girl?}
{a lady?}
{a dress?}
No sweetheart, I am talking about HOT.
It might burn you.
Tell me something that could burn you if you touch it...

Happy Friday!

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Bethany said...

I like! My Mamaw says strangled too, but haven't heard the drunk one. I wish I could remember some other ones, I'll have to channel my inner Mamaw. :) I bet it is funny what the kids say, and I'm sure they try to guess what you want to hear.