Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please let me outta here {a driving story}

Okay, so having lived elsewhere, and now, mostly just staying right here, I have
noticed the driving differences that occur here in my little
{heaven} that is {home}.
Many people here 1. are here 2. are from here 3. have never left here 4.are never gonna...
so it could be called --hmmm I am word -searching
Well, let's just say that when there is a population of people who all stay in the
same place a whole lot--well, a {culture} starts to form.
Part of this {culture} could be --driving habits.
Here are a couple of them that I think are funny.
Every where else that I have lived when someone is pulling out of a parking spot they
sort of ease it on out there...ease, easy...then the people coming STOP and let the person
out, maybe that is b/c the people coming want that spot...
Maybe the people coming know that the backer outer cannot see a thing
Who knows...
Here when someone is easing--easy easy out of the spot people tend to say
"Look at this person, I reckon he is going to just pull right out in front of me!!"
They don't tend to let out the person backing.
So be careful if you ever have to back out of the parking spot here.
Another funny is this:
When the light is green---people approach it SLOWLY....
Easy there...that light might change up on you at any second...and turn
YELLOW!! ha!
Then when the light is actually giving the warning--ten cars fly through.
This is so freaking crazy to me..
Okay--other places when the light is green the traffic goes, goes, goes...
getting through the light is the mission, no?
Now I do remember something briefly being mentioned in Driver's ed
about approaching the intersection slowly, but--
My mama--she almost STOPS at the intersection.
These two driving
{differences} make driving around here pretty interesting.

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Bethany said...

Ha! According to Rick, I STILL drive like I'm in Beaufort Cty. I don't tend to hurry, I just go and get there without there being some kind of race. This is funny, I can picture exactly what you mean about backing out of spots, and people high-tailing on by behind you. But! My Mom was actually t-boned at an intersection, and her light was green - so maybe there is truth to that. Mostly it would annoy me. :)