Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Victor said...

Sometimes children say things that are so smart!
They are just doing their kiddie noticing...but the things they say, are brilliant.
Here is one that V-man said:
"Mama, the double u (W) should actually be called the double (V) b/c when
you write it it actually looks like two (Vs)."
He is right.
"You know what?," I said to him, "In Spanish it is called a double (V) and not a
double (U)."
That is in Spain they say it that way.
I have heard other people--Spanish speakers here in the U.S.
say "Doble U"--not "doble uve"
His eyes twinkled when I told him that, he got it....
He said we should say it that way in English too, mama.

Now, if only he could understand the dirty socks/clean socks cycle.
Bethany, your post cracked me up!!
V-man squirrels his dirty socks away--so he can save them up so he will have a pair.
ugh...we do laundry every day!!
But then, his socks are no in with the other dirty clothes.
I got so angry over this--and I do mean angry--I began to holler
about it.
I wonder if he will get the point???
I sure hope he does, his stinky feet are SO EMBARRASSING!

I was really gonna post about carving the pumpkin, and the yearly fit my kids throw when we
do this...maybe it's the time of day??
But, I cannot find the pictures.
They have disappeared themselves from the computer. :)

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Bethany said...

That is clever, V! Those are good moments, when we can twinkle at them, and they are so smart. :) Yes! The socks! The {daily} laundry! I asked Jadyn where the match to a sock was, and she said "I wore it yesterday" - so now, they know they are wearing non-matches, and they don't care either. Good grief. The stinky feet are the worst. I started telling the girls they would get itchy athlete's feet. That has helped a little, but added another complication. They change their socks more! :) Have a good day... lets volley soon...