Monday, November 21, 2011

There's nothing wrong with {Johnny}

I had the cutest experience at work the other day.
We had a referral from the Peds. office on a Hispanic child, so this meant I was the one
to call the family and just kind of get their take on their son {Johnny}.
I usually ask to speak to moms, and I did this time as well.
Johnny's dad answered the phone, and he said to me, this is
Johnny's dad, how can I help you?
I told him about our referral and that it was based on the answers that
his wife gave at the peds. office on a developmental questionnaire.
What followed was the funniest thing ever...
"Oh! Yes.  That!  Well, that was three or four months ago.  Johnny is actually just fine.
Johnny is the baby of the family.  We had to figure out that he was not doing any of the things he {should be} doing b/c we were not making him."
he followed with..
"Since then, Johnny has begun sleeping in his bed, we finally kicked him out of ours.  I know you won't believe this, but Johnny can work the DVD player, and he says, the words in English.  Yes.  There is nothing wrong with Johnny..he was just very spoiled."
and more..
"you know he is potty trained, sometimes he even buttons his own pants!  When he wants to, Johnny
can really do a lot.  You know his sisters always know what he wants, they anticipate what he is going
to want and they just do it.  He tugs their hand, and they know to go and play with him."
I was cracking up at this point.
The baby!
I told him, "ahhhh, yes...I know all about the baby...I am the baby, and I have a {baby}.  Mine even let's every one know that she is the baby"
Oh, yes he said, "my younger sister was just like Johnny is now, and so was my wife's brother.  They are both {the baby}."
We had a whole conversation about this {special place} in the family.
So then he said, "oh yes, senyora, I love my son very much.  If there is ever anything wrong, I will call a specialist, in this case--there is nothing wrong with Johnny."


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Bethany said...

LOL! That is a keeper! And good news, to boot!