Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let me declare {officially}

my complete and utter dislike for:


Who in the world had this idea that, gradually, all of my favorite shops would resort to making
all of their clothes out of itchy, and yucky feeling plastic stuff?????

Please stop!!

Has anyone else realized, yet that the sweaters still cost the same amount of money??

Give me back my cotton, please!
I go on my favorite websites, click the sweater I like, and then it hits me!!
It is made of acrylic.
I go to the little bazaar in the civic center--not so little really, and the chica has decided to
make all of her scarfltetts out of what??? Acrylic!!

oh stop it...this trend needs to go--just like the pre-pubescent boy ass crack pants...they both need to go

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Bethany said...

Hear, hear! I COMPLETELY agree. I got ONE great sweater this yr out of 100% cotton, and ONE scarf. Just called Mom about this, b/c I was shopping for a gift, and she only wears cotton, and I was having 0 luck. Finally, she agreed to a small amt of acrylic. Go away, trend. Sincerely, bloggy bud.