Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big weekend

Do you ever just get bitten by the organize and straighten bug?
This weekend I did!

 I finally got the emotional guts up to take the crib down.  Before its final exit, we had to take a picture of all it has hosted over the past seven years!  :)  :(  :)--Wow! such a mixture of emotions.
This evening I cleaned out the baby closet--a cool little armoire that has teeny drawers that are perfect for baby clothes.
Not sure where we will store it yet.  The high chair and booster are in the attic.
 Mama and Daddy went out to a party!  When Eva saw me fixed up (I even polished my shoes) her eyes lit up and she immediately took off her night gown and declared her intentions to put on her sparkle dress and come out with us!
This is V-man with the tiny grape he found....Is the love of all things tiny genetic?  I think it is...and I have passed it on to my son.  Left one else got it!! love of tiny stuff...check!

Okay I am off to read a good book and finish watching the Amazing Race

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Bethany said...

Bye bye baby! Boohoo!! The crib farewell is always so bittersweet, and the baby furniture... yes, mine is in the attic too. SO cute. Victor's little friend here, Jadyn, likes tiny things too. She is like a magpie, with tiny "collections" stashed here and there. Lookin' good for the night out, mama - hope it was {fun} for all.