Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Un Rato {time}

In Spanish to say, "a little while" you say, "un rato"  (oon rrrrahtoe)
Bueno, and this word can be changed all kinds of ways.
Un ratito (just a minute)
Well, maybe that's just one...but last night I was on the
phone with Elena (who might be coming to clean my house from time to time, also an acquaintance)
and she told me "un rato" and then I said it back to her--see you en un ratito...then I thought of a
comedy sketch with this is a funny word to me.
What would "un ratote" be?
A big little while?
I bet some people do say that in Spanish...
{ote} on the end of the word makes it bigger..and a rato is inherently small...
es un rato.

Then it dawned on me last night, I was going in to brush my teeth yesterday, after
a very long day, I realized what a ratote could be...
It could be a week--each day takes a long time, I wake up at 5:30 and
fix everybody's everything (lunch etc.), then I go to work and work my {bleep}
off, then I come home, we eat, bathe, and then every day for the past two weeks
we have all gone out to do some other thing--practice singing,
help with some meal at church--something--a party (even a party can seem like a chore
sometimes)--So, for example, yesterday at night, (on Tuesday) I felt like I had
lived a whole week in two days.  I felt like I had done a week's worth of stuff.
Then, here's the kicker...
The week actually zooms by, and another Monday rolls around--in the blink of an eye!
So, the days go by in big slow chunks, and then all together in my mind...
the entire week, it's such a little while--nah mas es un rato...

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Bethany said...

Got it! Mas ratotes some months. The days are long but the years are short. Merry merry, bloggy bud!