Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fresh Ideas..

To be honest, every time I have a soap box post to put up here...I talk
myself right out of it.
I am feeling very humble right now, not on any kind of high horse...
You need that high horse chutzpah to really jump up on the
soap box with know?

So here is an idea I had.
I am going to call the idea, "My town Monday"
I am going to take you all on a tour of my town.
Not just the pretty parts either.
We will go to some of the most decrepit and run down places...and
we will visit some of the most beautiful, breath taking ones.

It will be fun...and I like to have {weekly} commitments during the winter time.
My other weekly commitments include..
teaching sunday school for January and February (Juliana was my partner last year)
and coaching Elena's cheerleading --which is very fun btw
It is amazing to me how someone who couldn't care less about sports
can just love to coach cheerleading.
To me, it is not about team is about
well...getting to wear a cute outfit!! :)
I am trying to instill this in all of the girls (just kidding)
My co-coach has all the team spirit anyone could ever ask for! :)

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Anonymous said...

Neat. you are so good at the blogging. I like your themes. Morgan and I are trying to blog more. HOpe you re doing good!