Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A visitor

After many years of not living here Andy and I were driving into town one time and I realized how beautiful a particular view was to me.
I was seeing this view for the first time from the eyes of  a visitor.
Throughout my years of growing up here I had driven on this road going home probably a thousand times and I had never even appreciated how breath taking a scene it truly is.
Well, the image was
something like this. :)
I had to {borrow} this one from the internet --it is of our river and the train tressel, however, my camera
was not cooperating yesterday, so I did a little borrowing.

What I saw was something for the first time, really.  When you drive into a town that you have never been to and it just looks like a story book town or something...it is not your town, and you are a stranger.

When we drove by the river that day, the sun was sparkling on the water and glistening--and it was just gorgeous.  It looked like this on this past Sunday too, sparkly, like diamonds--but I did not have my camera.

This will be a lesson to me!! Take the camera everywhere.

So back to the river etc.  The river here is very wide, and it is brackish water.  It is not like the Eno in Durham...a smallish trickle, or a rushing over rocks, clearwater stream.  Nope--it is huge!
There is a particular spot that you drive by--going over a bridge into Washington Park (a neighborhood) that is just so beautiful!!
When I took my own picture of this spot yesterday the camera battery was busy dying on me. :)

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