Saturday, January 21, 2012

Something fun to make!

That is most certainly not spelled correctly--but I like it that way. :)
Okay--so all you need is an orange squeezer like the one below.
Some simple syrup--which you make by putting water in a measuring cup and putting one teaspoon of sugar per ounce of water and microwaving for the pre-set amnt. of time called, "beverage."
So you squeeze some oranges...however many {andy} wants to squeeze--he really loves doing this btw!
This gadget is one of his favorites--so I never do the orange squeezing.
 So, a big part of the yumminess of a an orange-aid is the shaved or finely crushed ice.  Luckily enough--Santa brought us a SNOOPY SNOW CONE MAKER!! Oh, yes he did!  --That Santa--so nostalgic.
If you have ever had one of these--and this is my second know that the stickers and little woodstock juice squirter need not fool you...oh no!  This is a tool for Mama only--there is no way that a kid can put ice into that chute and crank that handle--no way!! So time for kids to watch--BACK AWAY from the ice shaver!!! (I really did say this), and Mama to turn the handle on the ice shaver about five hundred times and make some shaved ice--it is really worth it in the end. :)
 See?  You turn and you turn and you turn, and then MAGIC! PRESTO! you have four wonderful ounces of shaved ice....Thank you Mama! :)
 Can you see why my children really wanted to do some ice shaving?? how adorable is this?
So then you have to cool the simple syrup in the refrigerator --lest ye melt all of that precious shaved ice you just got a blister over--so cool down the syrup--trust me!

Then you mix the syrup and orange juice that you squeezed--or your version of Andy squeezed--and then you pour it over ice--and trust me--it could make your Saturday morning.  {Trust me}
I do recommend setting out the ice to soften--then it shaves easier.
You could also go somewhere there is an ice machine that has the soft little pieces and get some...
Sonic sells it.
In my old age--I would like to have my very own crushed ice machine--the little balls of ice
that are soft...
That is what I would like!


Bethany said...

Y-U-M!! Hey, our kids' nostalgic Pop-pop Floyd got them a Mickey Mouse AUTOMATIC ice shaver!!! Plug that thing in, listen to it roar and shave and presto - no blisters! Thx Dad! That snoopy deal is adorable, and I've said the same thing - step away from the mickey, it's sharp. :) I will try these... even though I don't have an orange press, or an Andy to squeeze them.

Anonymous said...

I still have my Snoopy sno cone machine!!! :) I need to use it :)